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Good work, our promise

Good work! That’s our promise. For flexworkers and clients, for franchisees and employees. The success of Carrière depends on their success.

With offices spread over The Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovakia is Carrière one of the fastest growing employment agencies of The Netherlands. Specialized in operational work in transport, logistics, production and technics we commit ourselves daily to our flexworkers and clients. We help flexworkers with the next steps in their careers and support clients by realizing their growth, with flexibility and temporary support at work. Passionated for what we do and with a high dose of entrepreneurship we go the extra mile, to make a real difference.

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Carrière, since 2011

Carrière as we know it these days, started with its foundation in 2011. Founded from a passion for employment and helping people, a high dose of entrepreneurship and the ambition to become a leading employment agency. Today, the Carrière offices are spread over The Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Grown by the effort of ambitious franchisees, motivated employees and by strategic acquisitions.


The year that Carrière was founded, as a brand of Staffing Associates. 


Carrière took over the activities of Logistic Services on 1 january.


The growth of Carière accelerated due to the acquisition of Koersvast Uitzendbureau, Beta Force employment agency and Baan Uitzendbureau.


Carrière took over the activities of Band uitzendbureaus on 1 june.


Carrière took over the activities of X-Flex Amsterdam on 1 may.


Carrière took over the Interactief Groep and her activities on 11 decembre. The organisation moves to the new headquarters in Berkel en Rodenrijs.


With the acquisition of the HollandContracting Groep, Carrière expands her recruitment capacity with offices in Poland and Romania. 


With the rebranding of Carrière the organisation completes the integration of the HollandContracting Groep. Carrière wil operate internationally in one brand and promise.

Mission statement

Carrière goes beyond simply connecting candidates and employers. We go the extra mile, we deliver good work. Good for our flex workers and thereby good for our clients.

Carrière helps clients and flex workers to move forward by creating valuable employment relationships. Relationships between hiring organizations, flex workers and franchisees. Every client and flex worker is different, every client and flex worker has different needs. By asking the right questions, we get to the core of the need. In this way we add value to our clients and flex workers.
Flexibility for our clients, security for our flex workers and success for our franchisees. Together they form the solid foundation for a valuable employment relationship, on which we can build our promise: good work!


Good work for everyone.

Demographic shifts, competition and technological advances lead to constantly changing market conditions. This requires agility and adaptability of organizations. That means being flexible when it comes to the effective deployment of well-qualified people.

Carrière creates value by helping candidates find suitable work and finding employees for clients who contribute to the development of their organization. Our ambition is to be an attractive employer, developing and retaining the best people. People, who in turn provide our clients with the best service.
Carrière realizes first-class services through proven standardized processes, business models and an excellent network. We also contribute to society by deploying our experience with and expertise of the employment market and in particular the flex market.

Carrière creates efficient and effective employment relationships, through knowledge of our customers and thinking along about their total Human Resources process. We come up with original and sustainable solutions that help clients and employees move forward.