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Living and working in Holland

Is it true that they a have a lot of tulips, windmills and bikes in the Netherlands? Yes, you should see by yourself! Wandering through the Amsterdam canals while grabbing a good cup of coffee before visiting the Van Gogh Museum. But there is more, of course.

In the Netherlands you meet people from different cultures and nationalities. The country has been attracting internationals for years, who can always count on a warm and friendly welcome. It is not only an ideal place to visit for work, but also to live. That's why so many visitors decide to stay permanently. 

Some Dutch words

You will make a good impression if you can already speak a few words!

  • Thank you = dankjewel
  • How are you = hoe gaat het
  • Goodbye = tot ziens
  • 17.5 million people

    In an area of 41,5000 square kilometres

  • Good accessibility

    By bike, car and public transport

  • Lots of work opportunities

    Good work for international employees

Good to know about the Netherlands

10 fun facts about the Netherlands

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Populair places to visit in the Netherlands

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Good to know about working in the Netherlands

Going abroad for work often comes with expectations. Are there only seasonal jobs? Do I need to speak Dutch? Prepare yourself for your big trip to the Netherlands with the following tips!

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Want to know more about working in the Netherlands?

We love to tell you more about job opportunities, our service and top employers.

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