Working via Carrière

Leaving your own country to work and live in another country. It's a big step. With Carrière as your employer, you are not on your own. We take care of our people. With excellent work locations, good working conditions, steady contracts and certainty.

You can count on good work

Just like you, we know what hard work is. For us it is more than bringing you and a job together. We take the time to get to know you. Why? Because we learned that attention, appreciation and good guidance make the difference.

Your contact person

When you start working via Carrière, you can ask all your questions to your contact person. He or she is here to help, but also here if you just want a nice chat!


We have accomodations available in different areas in the Netherlands. They are fully equipped, close to shopping centers and they offer plenty of privacy. And just as important: the houses are safe according to the Flexwonen standard (flexible living).




We have cars available so that you and your colleagues can drive to the work location anywhere in the Netherlands. All cars are well maintained, neat and safe.


Top employers

We only work with the best clients, because they share our good work filosophy. To begin with that means a fair salary and a healthy and safe working environment. Also clear instructions on the work floor and working in a respectful way together can be found high on the list here.


In the Netherlands, you need a Dutch health insurance that gives you the right to medical care. The insurance service of Carrière includes health insurance, but also a basic dentist's insurance, household and liability insurance. 

Fair employment

We are members of the Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies. If you want to know more about working in the Netherlands via a private employment agency and your rights, you can visit this web page.

About us

With 40 locations we are one of the fastest growing international employment agencies from the Netherlands. We help flex workers taking the next step. At work and in life. This comes with taking care of your contract, salary payment, housing and transport to work. As we said before, you can count on good work!

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Good work starts with us

  • Over 5000 flex workers
  • More than 40 locations
  • Good housing and transport

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  • International work environment
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